5 reasons self love is kicking you in the ass – and fucking with your identity.

            5 reasons self-love is kicking you in the ass – and fucking with your identity   1.  You are in your own damn head – – criticising, lamenting – and fucking  pissed at every thought, action and perceived mistake you’ve ever made. Self-love? Pfft – fuck that, I deserve every […]

Openly alone.

When does that moment of clarity reign down on us?  When do we find peace within ourselves? When can we be truly open with another human being? These are questions that frequent my train of thought. At my age, some would say that is odd. As these are questions pondered by the wise, with a […]

New year: new horizons or new problems?

The new year comes around like a dark shadow, something we know is there but is always behind us. Some look forward to the occasion where they can get drunk with their friends, and ring in a new year filled with possibilities, while some cower away in their bedrooms, eating tubs and tubs of haagen-daaz […]