Everybody wants to be a FIRE STARTER – but what the hell are you doing about it?

                                                          You burn hot and fast, baby.

You are a light barrelling towards greatness. You are creating, breaking and destroying – and when you’re done – you start all over again.

They don’t expect you to succeed.

They don’t expect you to flourish.

They don’t expect you to choose you.

I know what it’s like to constantly choose everyone but me. It feels natural, almost easier than breathing – to be considerate of everyone else’s needs and wants before my own.

Isn’t that what a good person would do?

To put it simply: FUCK NO.

Ask yourself how much you sacrifice in comparison to what you gain – it’s easy math – how much do the people in your life value you. Do they see the fire in you?

Doubt it.

When you let other people like ( family, friends, colleagues) rule your house and give it away for free – it makes you easier than that stripper at your sister in laws bridal party. (And that’s a position – you never want to be in – let me tell you.)

They get to work you and put pressure on you – filled with all those oh so lovely snide comments – to get what THEY want. This doesn’t benefit you at all – and it definitely doesn’t put you into the “good” person category – because good people realize their own damn worth.

It can be hard – letting your wildfire – burn bright.

What if it singes you, burns you or worse consumes you?

That would be better than where your at now – by a factor of 5,000. ( That number may be a little low – I’ll get back to you)

Everyday you slave away in any capacity for those that are ungrateful and unworthy – is time your using to peel away layers of your identity – in life and in work.

Every layer shed is a one more layer closer to being what someone else want’s you to be. As unhappy, unfulfilled and downright miserable you are right now – it will be infinitely worse once your stripped down to your core – with nothing but bare bones to show for it.

You work, ideas, musings are all valuable – if to no one else – then they damn sure should be important to you. The only person who is going to nurture and grow those ideas is the person who created them. No one is going to care about you or you work – if you can’t or won’t.

Take a step back from your relationships. Personal & professional. Create a checklist about what you value and what you need from the different people in your life. Expand it. Cross things off. Re-evaluate.

Then X anyone who isn’t within YOUR parameters. If you don’t your just screwing yourself.

Trust yourself. I know this is hard – especially – if you have no clue who you are. If you’ve been molding and fitting yourself to so many people that you’ve lost count, then it’s time to get back to basics.

Take a class – dance like Beyonce just asked you to be her backup dancer ( it could totally happen, my Beyonce backup dancer story is coming soon), get a little dirty and burst out of your comfort zone with burlesque or get spiritual with meditation.

You may soon burn bright with fire & desire but first you have to set off a spark.

Now it’s time to find your fellow wild spirits. Yes, these are the people who won’t passively support you when your finally ready – they will break down the damn door with preemptive champagne – because you are a firestarter and your are going to kill this.

They will be your daring, fierce wonders who will answer 5 am phone calls when your hyperventilating over that passion project that is about to launch – and you are so close. They’ll be there when you finally cut toxic influences from your life with kind words and lots of tea. Tea’s comforting, man. Don’t judge me.

Finding your inner fire allow you to finally choose you – the best you – the you that’s ready to burn the world to the fucking ground whilst dancing on the embers, because hey…



Anyone who doesn’t get that yet – doesn’t know you. 



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