Old Friend. New Ideas. Endless Journey.

Hey there, old friends. 

I have missed you all. It has been so long since i have posted on here that i think i may have forgotten how to do it. Yet, i haven’t forgotten how it feels. I started this blog mainly to vent and to use it as an open portal journal. I never was a Dear Diary type of girl, so this was the next best thing. The connection that i felt when i posted my first entry was electric and the sense of wonder i gained from a moment of boldness has resonated with me throughout the process. 

On here i wasn’t the shy awkward girl, or the loud annoying girl. I could be anyone i wanted to be. I could dredge down into the depths inside me and be whoever i felt like being today. Maybe i’m the angry rocker girl or the bright optimistic girl. I am a girl. Any girl i wanted to be. Any girl i want to be.

There is no constraint to fit into a mould, or to be broken from one. I could rant and ramble or pour my sobs through my words. I could express joy on a beautiful day through writing and any other medium i chose. I had no identity, and it was liberating. I could build myself one. 

So many people on here left me messages and comments filled with grace and kindness, opinions and arguments. I was pulled into the internet and in turn pulled into so many amazing and inspiring peoples lives. Reading your blogs, going through photos and videos and just generally chatting uplifted me. You lifted my burden. 

I was and still am overwhelmed by the generosity that i find on here. It peaks my curiosity how people have banded together and created a tribe of people who lift others constantly. I remember a women who commented on a post i wrote maybe two years ago about my grandmothers death and her absolute sincerity made me feel new and so grateful.

What i was hoping to share with you all, was my go fund me campaign to stay in education. The platform Gofundme reminded of this platform and everything i have gained on here from friends to confidence. People from all around the world are donating money or sharing different causes to help people with medical bills/emergencies, non-profit and charity work and Education and travelling expenses along with helping people fund their hopes, wishes and dreams. It is an incredible platform which i was incredibly moved by. So i am not going to explicitly ask you to fund my campaign to stay in school 😉 though i do appreciate every donation but i was hoping that if any of you felt inclined that you might share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest accounts and i was also hoping you would check out some of the other amazing things that are happening on the site. I am so sure that you will be so overwhelmed by kindness of the human spirit and you might even find something you support!

So here is the link to my Gofundme page: http://www.gofundme.com/7k9x28   

 I also  wanted to thank everyone on here who has read a post, who has left a comment and who has fundamentally changed me.  A little shout out to The Better man project and Gala Darling, two blogs that have helped so much more than i can ever express and let them know.

Let me know what you think of my shameless self promotion and anything else! 


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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