Out of eden: Part Two…

So here i am, agImageain.

A little late as usual, it is something i am still trying to manage, and get better at but deadlines, even ones that i set for myself have always been my kryptonite. (yes, i’m superman, or superwoman if you prefer.)

Now, forgetting that little ramble, i wanted to talk to you all, or talk at you, depending on your perspective, about the Out of eden walk. Basically, it is a very long journalism piece, on a pretty incredible guy going on a 7 year walk across the globe! Yes, i did just say across the globe. Awesome, right?

The man behind this incredible project, is two time Pulitzer prize winner, Paul Salopek. He is a foreign correspondent who is going to recreate the first migration of the human race. He has also worked for National Geographic, and they will be documenting his journey for the world to see. How many of you can say you’ve done or about to do something that insane and inspiring. Not you? Me neither. The walk should take 7 years, and he will walk around roughly 21,000 miles which is equivalent to 30,000,000 footsteps. 

Talk about making major changes in your life. I couldn’t even begin to fathom how somebody could do something which to me seems so ‘out there.’ Effectively, he is leaving his wife, family and friends all behind for 7 years. Every comfort, every normal day, every sense of home that he has gone so that he can pursue something he is passionate and something that will show people different sides of cultures from across the globe. He must have a pretty awesome family, to just be able to go and roam the world documenting current events. I know i wish i had something like that in my life. Don’t you?

He will also be updating us on his travels, by doing narratives at every 100 mile point in his journey, in a sort of long form journalism style, giving us an interwoven story of multifaceted cultures and news, that will only show us the entire picture in 7 years. I am already so engaged by this entire concept and journey, that i’m sure that i will be tuning in and following his path for that amount of time. For me, it doesn’t seem like a drawn out bore, it shows me that if you really love something, want something then it is possible to make the most impossible, crazy and out of this world ideas come to fruition. 

That in itself is a powerful message. 

For me, i have always found it hard to change. For someone so young, i should be terrified by how set in my ways i am. Ever so slightly and so awfully slowly, i have been trying to change, to become a better person for myself. To make everything that i want for myself to become some sort of reality. I’m not there yet, not even remotely close, but with Paul slopek doing his walk, i feel like i might have just been given the inspirational kick that i need, to move just ever so slightly, closer to that painful path of change.

Just maybe, i might reach the finish line with my soul intact, but renewed and refreshed, and ready to take on the worlds challenges as they come.

If you want to follow Paul’s journey, subscribe to his website: http://www.outofedenwalk.com

Let me know what you think of Paul’s journey and if you’d ever attempt something so crazy. If you would, let me know what in the comments section.


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