Just be with me forever.

Oh, Paloma faith.

Why do i love you so much? Besides the fact that Just be is probably your best single so far, and musically is so stripped back, and almost bare that it seems so out of character.

Well, i love it because as a consumer, generally i like continuity but when it comes to music, i want these cookie cutter pop idols to just mix it up a little. Let me see a different side of you, so to speak and wallah, there you are gracing me with this beautifully haunting song about the troubles with monogamy, and being in a relationship. What you do here, that has me hanging on your every word, is make me feel your pain. I feel your anger, your frustration, and your sadness.

You make me go to that place that has me hating that beautiful guy in your video, almost to the point where i want to scream at him. Now it isn’t all about believability. The arrangement is subtle, just pop enough for people that don’t really listen to you to fall in love, with a dash of soul for all of us that want it. Along with all the women out here, who just love a great ballad about a women who is having issues with her man.

We all need a song that is effortless just as it equally beautiful and grand in an extremely quiet way. You make me love your quirks, and your oddities. You make me want to hug you and let you tell me all your frustrations, and most importantly you are making me want to buy your album.

Now this is one of my favourite new tracks. One that i think you should all be listening to. The Pretty Reckless are a rock band fronted by Taylor Momsen. Yes, she is the girl who used to be in Gossip Girl but this is a far cry from the blond, innocent faced girl that she played on television. If you haven’t heard of them, i’d recommend listening to their first album called light me up which is brilliant in it’s own right. This song is a little on the mellow side, yet still has the edge that makes them a great band. With a catchy hook that just makes me want to sing along, it is definitely making me anxious to hear their new body of work. You can get the official lyric video off of the pretty reckless website. If you like a little alternative rock from a band which is still a bit of an underdog, i’d take a listen. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, Momsen may be seen as a party girl or a rockstar wannabe but one listen and i can guarantee that you’ll be bobbing you head along.

So, these are my two newest tracks that are constantly on replay, the songs that help me get through an otherwise extremely tedious or exhausting day. So, tell me if you like them, or what songs are currently on you repeat list!


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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