Revolving Doors…

What made you who you are today? Was it one major life changing event or a series of little ones?

If someone were to ask you that question, would you be able to answer it? I know that i wouldn’t. I think confusion about who you are and what you are, is natural while you are a teenager. We are all trying to find our footing, our place in the world, a place we fit in. It is a natural progression, one which is hard and can sometimes be painful but when is the time when you should know who and what you are. 


It seems as though what we attribute to being ourselves equates to our profession, our rank in our professions, our education, our status, our friendships/relationships and background. Yet it all seems a little superficial to me. Is this the criteria i should measure myself by to see if i am where i need to be at this point in my life? Is this the criteria you would use?

How do i put a value to my personal friendships and relationships? Do i measure them by how well i know them, or how i feel when i am around them or do i just compare them to each other? Or how about measuring them as simply as on a scale one to ten? It doesn’t seem like a system that would work let alone, help me in determining whether my personal friendships and relationships were fulfilling or whether i was valued by people i value. Would it?


What about my own self worth? Should i feel better if i look good, or if i’m doing well in my studies or in my work? Should i feel better because i have great people around me or feel worse if i don’t? What if i just don’t  feel, whatever the circumstances? What if i feel exactly the same as when things are going great as to when things are going horribly? Does that make me weird, or odd?

I think a lot of people wish they could get a little glimpse into the future, just a little heads up, so that we could prepare. Prepare for what life will throw at us, while still being able to just be. I’m also pretty sure there are a lot of people who wish they could just take a moment out of their busy lives and just live. If we could all just take that moment and elongate it, just for a little while and do whatever we wanted with it, go wherever we wanted with it and be whoever we wanted to be in it, what would you do?



Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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