I’d rather be a prostitute, than a politician…

Ive been meaning to post this for a while, but I’ve been sidetracked and had a whole lot to deal with so here i am. Hope you enjoy it.

So i don’t know if a lot of you follow politics, or like it. Many of you probably don’t, it’s a horrible ego trip for men who seek legitimacy through outdated and often faceless platforms.

I don’t like politics, but i am interested. Interested in truth and morality. I believe that without these core values embalmed into us, what will be become? So every four years when the US presidential race ensues, and the republican party takes it stands to spew hatred under their fallacy of ‘freedom’, ‘morality’ and ‘family values’ along with their economic policies, it makes me quiver.

I am not a republican. Nor will i ever be a republican.

Every four years, its almost as though we all knowingly wait for their wrath to sweep across america, and wait for them to resort to social issues. Especially since the american economy has been in its best position since Bush. So i wait, and wait and BOOM like a tornado, their black platform takes centre stage. Among the ‘eloquent’ things they were trying to pass of as FACT, was that blacks were lazy, and that almost the entire black population within the United States leeches off the government and lives on for stamps, and in turn all end up extorting the government. Of course, with no actual credible factual evidence to back that up. Then of course, to retort to the stereotype made famous during slavery, that all blacks are backward and lazy.

Wait, hold on a second. I was sure we were in the 21st Century. Correct me, if I’m wrong but we are, aren’t we?

Then there attack on Obamas new health platform, using religion as their foundation for planned parenthood, to in theory be eradicated, or at least kept away from all religious based schools and colleges. Not taking into account of course, that only 3% of Planned Parent services that are used are for abortion. Now the complete and utter absurdity of the claim that Birth Control and Abortion are religious issues, is beyond reproach. They may have a slight tick towards religious scripture, but unless the republican candidates, are inadvertently telling me that they can give birth, then i see absolutely no reason as to why this is a male issue. IT IS NOT.

I don’t take lightly to being sent back to a time, where women were completely axed out of contributing in discussions and decision making that would directly affect them. The claim that birth control specifically would lead to the devolution of family values is laughable. The divorce rate shows that the reason marriages end, or why so many marriages end has nothing to do with abortion or birth control.

The fact that the republican party, vetoed a female member of their party from participating in the health reform ‘discussion’ because she was pro-planned parenthood disgusts me. Yet allowing 2 other female members who are against it, makes me feel sick to my stomach.

The lack of integrity, and morality shown by people who claim to be religious and moral, makes me question humanity. Hence, the title. A prostitute is stereotyped, patronised, used and abused often. However they are humane. Something politicians, who have so many traits that aline them with psychopaths don’t.

I ask you to think rationally before you vote, i wouldn’t want them to be able to control the personal aspects of my life. Would you?


2 thoughts on “I’d rather be a prostitute, than a politician…

  1. I am a Republican…but not staunch. I think that you made some very good points in this post, and I really appreciate issues like this being discussed. I wonder at what point dishonesty in politics became something that is accepted as the norm, and many times rewarded.

    Great post. 🙂


    1. Thats fair enough. The point to really focus on is that politicians aren’t there to tell you the truth or to change the world. There jobs are to tell you what you want to hear, and try and appeal to their largest base. Rush Limbaugh calling a student a slut, and was it Santorum or Romney that said i dont care about people, at the end of the day they are all about making you think that they are using your tax payer dollers to implement policys which arent really there and to do anything to be re-elected. That is it. It is up to people, if they really want to change something and it all starts with knowing where you stand. Thanks 🙂


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