Whitney Houston. A women to be reckoned with, and a women to be remembered.

All of us old enough to go out and have a little smoke or drink, have heard of the iconic women that was Whitney Houston. Unless of course you’ve been living under a rock in another galaxy.

This women brought a new life, and soul to the masses. Now you may not all be avid fans who are die hards, but I’m sure that you can all appreciate what she brought to the field of music. She was adored, idealised and a force to be reckoned with during her reign at the top of the charts. She brought the church, and soul to the masses without breaking a sweat.


She’s one of the greatest voices to ever have graced the planet. With over 200 million albums sold, multiple grammy’s, american music awards, you might begin to understand why millions of people who have never met her during their lifetime are mourning her death.

Now i am not glossing over the millions of deaths that occur everyday that could or could not be prevented. We live in a painful world, where tragedy reigns. However i do feel as though someone who has brought so much to the world, should be appreciated. Even if it is too late. That is one of the worst things that often haunts me when it comes to humanity. That we only appreciate what was there, and what we had and what people brought into our lives, when they are gone. Where is the love, and appreciation when we are here?

We so often fail to realise, what is right in front of us. Due to selfishness, grief, pride. When are we going to realise that we only have ONE life to live. ONE chance to get it right, and be who we want to be, regardless of social contracts or family or whatever reason you may be using as an excuse to get out there and explore and live every day. It is so cliche, yet we fail in even being able to execute the most obvious things, like do one thing every day that excites or scares you, or live every day like it is your last.

When you are gone, you are gone. There is no coming back or escape from death. We know this yet refuse to LIVE.

So i think we should all take the time, to reevaluate ourselves, what we want, who we are, who we love and if we see something we don’t like, change it. It is not simple, or easy but it is not impossible. We must take charge of our lives, and not let our loved ones suffer right in front of our eyes.

Believe. Achieve. Live.

In honour of the great, Whitney Houston.

My heart goes out to you.

May your soul rest in peace


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