Boob cones, afros, leather pants. Only the 80’s

So there was a post that was displayed in freshly pressed, and this girl was explaining why the 50’s is her favourite decade and generation.

Ive often found that a lot of peoples favourite decades are between the 1920’s and 1960’s which i find quite odd, since we’ve all been around for a lot longer than that and also how it is often tied in with American culture. She said she loved the 50’s because she loves johnny cash (i love Cash too) and that the women were all demonstrating healthy body types and were always glamorous, among many other reasons as to why she loved the 50’s.

Well there are things that i love about the 50’s but it is not even close to my favourite decade. When i think of the 50’s i think of the KKK and segregation. I think of women who didn’t even understand the concept of equal opportunity and only options were to be passed on from their fathers and husbands like a piece of machinery there to tend to laundry and looking after the kids. I think of the cold war, and the communism versus capitalism debate. All of these things are what define the 50’s to me, along with Americas great love of the film ‘birth of a nation’ which if you’ve ever seen has most likely made you feel sick.

So, whats my favourite decade you ask. It has got to be the 80’s. Its an era of change, and there is just a feeling of a deep sigh of relief when i think about it. Its the decade that was ushering us into the new wave of thinking and acting, moving us closer and closer to the 90’s and into the 21st century.

Why the 80’s? Except for my love of afros and madonnas out there attire, making everyone rethink what conformity is doing to them, or being outraged by the lack of conformity. There was a great stride in music, hip hop was being born and the outrageous styles make me laugh and want to raid a thrift store at the same time. Along with the black communities big stride since the 60’s and the womens movement gearing up a notch, along with the concepts of free love moving and spreading out from under the 70’s is what makes the 80’s a great bad mamajama of a decade.


So whats your favourite decade and why? Let me know.


6 thoughts on “Boob cones, afros, leather pants. Only the 80’s

  1. 90’s. Aside from the fact that I grew up in the 90’s, I think it was also the decade wherein technology started to became more widely available to the masses. And to experience the progression, I find it really amusing and lucky.


  2. Wow, great insights. People always say they miss the “good old days” but forget that the good old days were times of oppression and hardship that people who didn’t live through can’t even imagine. I kind of feel like overall humankind is moving forward–sometimes slipping back–and this post leaves me hopeful for the future somehow. And I’m an 80s child and I like your rationale for choosing it as fave decade 🙂


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