Ideally Horrific.

its the beliefs, truths and ideals we hold closest to our hearts that make us question who we are, when their foundations fall and break into smithereens. 

I believe in God.

Always be kind to those around you, as you’d wish them to be with you.

Be yourself. If you spend your life trying to be what others want or think you should be, you will regret it in your final moments.

3 small things about me their, all of which are beliefs, ideals and values. Now they don’t sound so extreme, and in a lot of households we try and engrain these things into our children,as they are the future. All we can do is impart what little wisdom we have, and let go. Hoping that something will come in handy along that bumpy road they are sure to travel.

What happens when our beliefs, values and ideals that we impart on our children, are those with weak foundations and do not hold a lot of good within them? What do we do when monsters breed?

There are all types of monsters, some are extreme such as serial killers (there are so many who have had children) and rapists, and sociopaths and psychopaths and then there are the monsters that are less extreme but in some manner can do you more harm than the obvious monster, as they lurk around you in your neighbourhoods, workplaces and in your friend circle imparting views and beliefs of the wretched kind.

Such as west borough Baptist church, in the United states who picket funerals calling the dead ‘faggots’ or saying that ‘god hates them’, all the while causing a lot more grief for the families and friends attending and harming the children who are unwilling participants in their evil games. The was a documentary on the group done by the journalist Louis Theroux and when he asked the children what the signs meant that they were holding, they did not know and when asked if they knew why they were there, they didn’t know. So should we shun these children, who have no idea what their doing because of the outrageous beliefs their parents hold?

What about the monsters that are all around us? Those are the ones that terrify me. People who can seem like the most normal human being around you, but hold deep and dark secrets within?

Look at a child who is abused for example, every circumstance is different and people often have a hard time talking about such matters as even though we are in the 21st century, it is still a subject that is taboo. How do you stop the abused from becoming the abuser? Their ideals, any however small that they held are gone, and all they see is darkness, now how do we stop ideals they now hold due to their ordeal, from manifesting into a big problem. As many rapist have been raped. It is a vicious cycle.

There are so many people who have ideals that are lifelong, some good and some bad.

What do we do when theres a world of people that hold ideals that are horrific?


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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