Everyone has a bucket list. I don’t even have a bucket.

its nice to have dreams, nice to have something to hold on to, when reality hits you with the truth, you have nothing.

It doesn’t seem fair to have a bucket list. Things that you dream of, that you want to pursue and grab with all you’ve got. To have experiences that defy nature, reality and society.

Why do i say that? I feel as though we all have the capacity to dream and have expectations, but dreaming isn’t living. There are so many circumstances that could keep us from ticking off everything on that bucket list, or from even having one. Some people complain about their life being to normal and boring. I’d rather have a life that is normal, than a life filled with pain and hardship. Alas that is not the case. What happens when you know your children will never be able to fulfil their dreams, or even think of having a bucket list. Such as Battered women, or people who live in poverty. From birth they know that their life is not going to be easy and that is without even having something to compare it to. So who am i to have dreams, when some don’t even have reality, or at least our sense of reality where we can achieve something no matter what the circumstance, if we try hard enough.

I think of people who don’t have clean water to drink, and every day is just another day where they could die. People from countries which are war torn and they have nothing left and nothing to go back to. Women who are beaten and can’t get out of their situation, or that homeless teenager you pass on the street without even giving them a second glance. What about those people and their dreams. Nobody asks to be homeless, or abused or poor. Most often we are born into our circumstances, and therefore even if they have their dreams, they will never be realised.

What about the boy in your class who’s being raped by his father, or that girl who is bullied because she is disabled. We so often forget that there are so many people out there would do anything for our normal  and boring lives. We forget that not everyone chooses their life. We need to stop judging people on face value. Try to understand and help.

My bucket list:

Work at a battered womens shelter.

Go back to the homeless shelter i worked at in 2010.

Try and stop judging everyone on face value.

3 simple things, that could change someones entire universe.


What are you going to do to help someone get that bucket, and have the self esteem to write that list?

It can get better. We just need to be better to do better.


2 thoughts on “Everyone has a bucket list. I don’t even have a bucket.

  1. Love this so much. You are right, we often forget that others would love to be able to have the lives we too often complain about. Your bucket list is the best one I’ve seen. We could all do much better if only we thought more about each other, rather than ourselves. Bravo for a wonderful post that made me think….and made my day.


    1. Thank you so much. Its nice to think that I’ve made someones day and have made them think a little differently, without having to force them. LOOL. Hopefully, its a bucket list i will be able to keep and fulfil. Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy my blog!


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