Openly alone.

When does that moment of clarity reign down on us?  When do we find peace within ourselves? When can we be truly open with another human being?

These are questions that frequent my train of thought. At my age, some would say that is odd. As these are questions pondered by the wise, with a lives worth of experience. Yet as a teenager on the absolute verge of adulthood, i come to question everything that i know to be right, wrong and true.

As children, we are taught to be truthful no matter what the circumstances may be, to be kind to all and to do what truly makes us happy and inspires us. Yet what happens when life gets in the way. There are so many circumstances and experiences that we all go through, such as dealing with adolescence and puberty but then there are the circumstances and experiences that are unique to us as an individual human being. So how do we not throw everything we’ve been taught to be true, right and wise away or in the faces of the people who have been trying relentlessly to mould us into the best possible human we can be?

Say i am faced with a murderer at my door asking where my best friend is as they want to kill them, my first instinct as someone who is now as mentally developed as they will be is to lie. As i don’t want my best friend to die, let alone be murdered but that automatically conflicts with one of the most fundamental life lessons we are taught. DO NOT LIE. If i lie, and it was something that is convincing enough for the murderer to believe, then i have saved a life, which is kind deed and something quite triumphant. However i have lied, so i have set aside something that people tend to view and teach us as morally absolute, which in turn also makes the event of that day the murderer came to my house asking where my best friend is so that he can kill her , a little less triumphant.

This is what i mean. We can teach what we believe to be true and right, but perhaps they are not always true and right in every circumstance. That is something that we come to learn as we grow older, and the eternal glow of youthful innocence turns out to be not so useful. So what happens when we have to make decisions that are harder than usual. The decisions that change our view on the world and question our beliefs and everything we’ve based our lives decisions on. I don’t know the answer to that. I don’t think i or you will ever know the answer to that.

However, this topic seems to beckon a lot of questions yet doesn’t give us a lot of answers. As someone almost verging on full adulthood in a matter of months, and with responsibility staring me in the face, i have nothing but questions.

There are people who have believed that erasing a whole race is acceptable. They believed it with all their heart and could not be swayed. Yet now in the 21st century, most functioning human beings know that erasing an entire race equals ethnic cleansing and genocide and that these are not things that are right or morally acceptable, but at a certain time in the history of the world, it was.

So things change, our views, beliefs and moral systems are shattered and slowly put back together. The hardest topics to talk about openly are religion and politics. That is why most people steer clear of it. But perhaps this is where we can start. I believe in God. I also am generally left wing when it comes to politics. I believe that a lot of what i think is correct and wonder why people think differently. However, i am open to being wrong. I understand that i might have a whole belief system with a very shaky foundation.

What do you believe? What are some things that you would never thing are wrong and would never change about yourself, or what you think or believe?

I rarely talk about such matters, as it leads to a debate and i am tired of arguing with people but if we could finally establish an unbiased, non-judgmental place to communicate ideas, and beliefs openly perhaps we as a human race could move forward. So far, we’ve lived through and ice age, multiple world wars, and live alongside normal human beings and people we don’t see as human beings. That hasn’t worked out for us so well as yet, so maybe      when we finally can find people to talk to openly without being judged, we might just finally creep out of our shells and show our true colours….


and we might not be alone. we might find someone. who understands our struggles and our viewpoint, without us having to hide behind walls and boundaries, we might finally be ourselves, we might finally be open. We just might finally have something to smile about in our dark lonely world….


5 thoughts on “Openly alone.

  1. It all depends on what you consdier to be a lie. If the phone rings, do you have to answer it?

    If someone asks you a question, do you have to answer them? There is no law that says you have to answer the phone or another person’s questions and no answer is not a lie.

    If a killer came to your door and asked where your best friend was so the killer could put your best friend six feet underground, why tell them what you know if you know. Don’t say anything.

    In fact, sometimes we have no choice but to lie–it all depends on the circumstances.

    Another choice, would be to talk all crazy like your brain has been scrambled. For me, that would be easy. Although I seldom lie, if put in a tight spot, to save another person’s life, I would.

    All lies are not equal.


    1. I agree with you, there is a lot of leeway with the subject. I didn’t consider not saying anything, that seems like a better option. Although i wouldn’t like to see what the murderer had to say about me not saying anything or acting like my brain was scrambled. Thanks, you just helped me look at it in a different way. Thanks for reading.


  2. Vintage-Gypsy,

    If someone is a murderer or a gang banger, probably hard core, do you really care what they say about the way you talked that made it sound as if your brain was scrambled?

    Anyone that dangerous/violent doesn’t count except to avoid them or make sure you strike first if you know you are in danger.

    What counts most is survival and staying in one working piece.


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