The crime we all commit…

So im an avid crime-drama fan. I really LOVE it all. From Law and Order SVU and criminal Intent, to CSI/miami/NY to Criminal Minds (got the season 1 to 6 box set a while ago and finished it so fast you wouldn’t believe) and I’m loving the killing (US and Danish versions), the reason I’m mentioning this, is that i was watching an episode of cold case and it really struck me. The one difference this show has to your average crime drama, is that it tends to have a very personal tone about it. So, the episode was about a girl who died in a fire and they thought it was accidental, but by the end of the episode, you know that it isn’t. So the girl wasn’t a size two or even a size 10 and she was in college and she was in a food court of some sort and her high school friend who was a guy was their as a pledge with his ‘brothers’ doing the usual fraternity rubbish and the frap ‘brothers’ invite her to a party, (already suspicious) after she slightly humiliates herself by asking her friend if he wanted to come to film club and watch film noir. When she gets to that party with the ‘cute friend’ they asked her to bring with her, but in reality is a girl just like her. They have a contest where they blindfold the girls before putting them on scales calling them the hog scales and take off their blindfolds and the girls see whats been done and see multiple frat boys with pig masks on. The ‘cute friend’ runs out, the other not so lucky and is taunted. The girl who ran out is not so lucky and is raped in the midst of her trying to find her way out. To cut a long story short, the girl that gets raped eventually sets the frap house on fire, as the other girl went back in to talk to her ‘guy’ friend who had changed since high school, and in the midst of it she gets caught in the fire and almost raped herself by the guy that set up the hog scale, and her friend eventually tries and helps her but she dies.


The point I’m trying to make, is that we are all often shallow, and abusive and damn right wrong and blame it on youth. Don’t turn the other cheek, be a good fucking person.


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