Where do we go from here?

After the stench of alcohol and stubbed out cigarettes wears off, and the moment of clarity or pain new years brings, we are all left with the question, where do we go from here?

We are left with impending resolutions waiting to be fulfilled and mass clear outs, and rooms filled with all the mess that last year and the new year brought with it. I’m always left feeling a little more than glum at this time of year, as we are flooded with imagery, music, adverts, spiritual leaders and politicians telling us that if we work hard for what we want then in time we will reach our goals but i always seem to have this little cynical voice in my head that says no you can’t, you don’t know my situation or what I’ve been through to get to this dim and dark place that i am currently crawled up in a ball in.

So what do you think? Am i just a pure cynic, in which the city girl in me is telling me that constant overbearing optimism at the fact that it is a new year is so beyond naive mean that i am just a pessimist? Or does it reign true that the passing moment that leads us into  new year is just that a moment. Never to be regained? What is all the fuss after all? It is just another over commercialised holiday that Hallmark and strongbow can cash in, not to mention every club in every city in the world. I think that reaching another year is important, but maybe we should all gain some perspective. Shouldn’t we be embracing and celebrating life and that fact we’ve made it through another year with cuts, bruises and many lessons learned or we could all just use it as another excuse to guilt trip long lost friends and our children into coming home and spending some time with us, when they just really want to watch the ball drop in NYC and watch dick and clarks new years rocking eve.

Could it perhaps be the case that we just use another ”holiday” to spend some time with people we otherwise would not have the chance to, and within that instance we buy into all the crap that is being thrown at us that tells us what we need to buy or go and see to have a truly enjoyable new years. If so, then perhaps within everything, not just new years, we are merely pawns in a never ending game. As if we really wanted to spend time with loved ones, or old college friends or even just a colleague, couldn’t we just ask, and for once and all make an actual change in our lives, and put ourselves out there?


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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