New year: new horizons or new problems?

The new year comes around like a dark shadow, something we know is there but is always behind us. Some look forward to the occasion where they can get drunk with their friends, and ring in a new year filled with possibilities, while some cower away in their bedrooms, eating tubs and tubs of haagen-daaz just waiting for the Mayans prediction to come true.

So why is it that every year as the clock chimes twelve times, the thoughts of a new year make us go into a drunken downward spiral, or cause us to reflect on all our choices, mistakes and decisions that we made the previous year?

We all make resolutions every year, somewhat hoping to keep them. The most common ones are wanting to lose weight (the holidays are not great for your waistline), or to do one thing everyday that frightens you and some even go out to wanting to make a certain amount of money by the end of the year.

I am just wondering as to why we wish to point out our inadequacies and those of others every year, with the outcome usually being that we don’t change our habits, as old habits die hard. Often we all feel that the person we imagined we could be, has long floated away, and were left with undesirable options, or just things that we did not expect. We rack our brains wondering where our life went and our sense of youth, that led us to backpack across china, or invest in a company that was heading nowhere, or even the days when sex was just for pleasure and wasn’t something you continuously questioned.  I think that a new year can bring new problems, for example the year you turn eighteen, you are no regarded by the law as an adult and the world says that you should be held responsible or your actions, and that you should become a more responsible, society serving robot and pay your rent, and not get as drunk and hand in all work on time, but i also feel that if we work it out right, change the way we think, even just a little then we can conquer those huge resolution lists before we fall subject to them, and find those tiny little blessings in disguise and have a beautiful, prosperous and adrenaline filled year.

So what do you think, does the new year bring new horizons or new problems?

Also happy new year to all my followers, thank you for reading my babbling last year and i hope you continue to. You’ve all given me such strength through a difficult time and its amazing to know that there are so many incredible, interesting and supportive people out there. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH, AND I WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND THAT BEAUTIFUL AMAZING BLESSINGS WILL COME TO YOU, THIS YEAR.


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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