Forever the popular girl…

we all wanted to be her… the girl who had it all.  She was everything to him, and to everyone.


We all have those ‘beloved’ high school memories. I wonder how beloved they really are. One thing that never changes is the hierarchy within high school. Some pretend it does exist, like adults trying to forget a tumultuous past, or politicians speaking on the education system. Some revel in the fact that it exists like the head cheerleader, or the quarterback of the football team. Then there are just the rest of us who helplessly try to find a clique where we might just fit in or if we’re lucky one that might even accept us. If only slightly. Theres’s the weirdos, the stoners, the jocks, the cheerleaders, the geeks, the ones who smell, the wannabes and then theirs a little leeway as every school, in every city in the world has a few different groups who don’t quite fit into or under a label that we try and create.


So whether we are the ones who run away and try and erase the memory of those years of being invisible, or whether we are the ones that constantly try and recreate the moments of bliss we felt during those years, or even if we were the ones who tried to defy everything that was sacrosanct during our teen years, why don’t we gain a little perspective? Why don’t we pass down our valuable wisdom to the next generation of teens, are daughters, sons, cousins, step children so that they may just learn that this is not forever. That these rules of what is and what isn’t won’t follow us forever, even if we try to make them. Why don’t we tell them, that even though it is so cliche and overused that being ourselves is the only way forward. That it is the one thing in the real world, that will matter.

Once we hit the big wide world, full of dreams or despair, the only thing that will matter is who we are and who we want to be. Theres so much in the world to experience, so never will and might be stuck in the same dead end job only dreaming of what could have been, some will grasp whatever they can and take flight, full of ambition. The question i ask is who do you want, your children to be. As no matter what era is yours, you’ve been through the years of pain, laughter, bad outfits and gorgeous girls and guys and the knowledge you could share with us is invaluable.

As her looks wither away and her husband drinks his favourite whisky into an early grave, she puts on her favourite mac lipstick and walks out, on her way to have a sordid affair in a dusty highway motel with her husbands best friend. This scenario often happens to the forever popular girl, and even though she got the quarterback, she most definately didn’t get the life she dreamt of at the senior prom…


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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