To see if i still feel, i focus on the pain, the only thing thats real.

What am i but a mere corpse, with a supposed soul?

Questions we often ask ourselves are who have we become, and how did we get here. What led us here, and what makes us change and become who we are and what we are.

Im not really sure if any of us can answer this definitively, as everything is subjective and all of our experiences are different, but i do think we all have on thing in common. one thing that is universal. One thing that transcends time, or our feelings, or status. Somethin we all fear, and mostly try to avoid. What sticks with us through the good times to remind us that they are good times, and remind us what the bad times are, and what they feel like.


Everyone experiences it at one point at another, and it is our wake up call, that we aren’t immortal, and that we aren’t hollow. That we feel, and we emote and however messed up our shit gets, there might just be a reason as to why we are here.  It reminds us that we were all born, and by logic we must all die. That is the only eternal truth. Everything else is open to debate. However sad, and cold that sounds, we must at some point realise that this is our reality. Right?

I think at least, in the larger scope of things if all we gain from that hurt, is that we realise that we are here, however submerged in dirt, and that we can be something, anything. That  is a small condolence, if only very tiny.

I realise that we are all hurt in different ways. Whether its bullying, or due to death, or betrayal. There are so may ways for us to be hurt. Thats the truth.

There are also so many ways to show, that we are still alive, and living.


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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