Rescue Me?

and finally, cinderella  had gotten her prince charming.

Fables, folk tales, children’s books, novels, plays and films all idealise this idea of a man being a pure girls saviour.

The first thing that comes to mind, is why are females the only ones who need saving?  Secondly, why can’t we save ourselves? As mature, crazy, neurotic, bubbly, happy, sad independent women of the 21st century, why are we unable to be people who can make the choices which wouldn’t  make us need to be saved? Or would a scenario such as that be threatening to our male counterparts, and bruise their egos? Are we to wrapped within an age old storyline or do we just not want to be the ones who would be considered as women who emasculate men?

Are we still stuck in a constant?

Look at the difference between the way modern society raises our kids. Not in the sense that there is more violent music out there, or that there is more sexual content on tv and in movies, but the direct ways we teach our children from such a young age the way in which they should be and conduct themselves. By four to five years old we insist that our daughters shouldn’t run around naked, entailing that there sexuality is something they should hide, while you don’t do the same with your sons until at least 11. We teach our sons, the importance of sports and often cherish moments when they were children and you used to go to the park and shoot hoops or play football. We teach our sons to be strong and how to endure pain, and that the boy who can protect his sister from another becomes a man, and that they should keep their sisters out of the mud.

So with all of these factors being clubbed into us from such a young age, maybe were bred as females to be people who need saving and maybe we never had a chance. If this is the case, then as a women, i feel like I’m living in 1516 and that i am about to be burnt at the stake for witchcraft, as all spinsters were witches, right?

i’d rather be burnt, than be saved, mr mr.


3 thoughts on “Rescue Me?

    1. Definitely double standards. Even in the 21st century, we still have to deal with this. I just wonder for how much longer should i feel the need, to explain everything about myself and why i do what i do, merely because I’m female.


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