she’s a ghost, lost and forgotten. Always invisible, rumour has it.

What happens when you have nothing left to feel? When you don’t feel excited, happy, sad, angry, hyper. Anything at all, and all you wish for is to be able to go back, and just feel something. Something to fill that dark void in your soul.

When every possible tragedy you could imagine has already happened and you haven’t even hit 19 years old yet, what do you have left to live for? When all you can see is darkness, in a world with so little light. I wonder, what makes me such a cynical person and then i remember, and as i look through inspirational websites, and quotes and self -help books, it all seems to be pretty vapid. They all tell you to look on the bright side, to force negativity out of your minds. It makes me say to myself, have you been through what i’ve been through? Do you know what it feels like to come home to nothing and to feel nothing. Do i look like a human, because I’m pretty sure i’m a piece of machinery. One that one of your best selling books can’t fix.

‘he wants to feel your pain, as he flashes that empty smile.’

Why is their always some brand out their, trying to fix you? If your depressed, theirs every pill out their to try and tone it down, if you don’t like your ass, you can get implants. If your not happy with your voice, you can have a throat operation to make your voice deeper or higher, if your to hyper/happy, then theirs a pill to control that. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US BEING US? OR UNIQUE? OR BROKEN?


You could give me every kind of pill, treatment and adjustment and i’d still feel exactly the same. NOTHING. So i would appreciate it, if the world would stop feeding me its propaganda. I may not be happy or anything with myself, but i will not let you defile for whatever it is that i am worth.

The world could be burning, but their is nothing but dark blue.


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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