”I Need Air”

” he takes the rope, while being entranced with her sweet slumber”


Why does society feel the need to typecast women, who choose different types of relationships? It is something us women have not overcome yet, from the early 1500’s onwards any women who was a ‘spinster’ was deemed as a witch, and dark force that plays with the dark arts and is a parasite to society. Now , the modern world isn’t so harsh, but were still left with the people who express toned down versions of these opinions. Sometimes it is our fault, for one thing i have not yet heard one women  who can refrain from calling another women, a hoe, whore , slut or slag or whatever low down name they can find to describe another women. We definitely don’t help our cause, in allowing the opposite sex to see that whatever lifestyle we lead or life choices we make, that we can make them and that they don’t lead us to be any less of a whole or our human being.

Why must we put so much weight monogamy or marriage? Especially with women, why must we only date one person at a time, when men can date multiple people at one time? Why is their a difference? Our basic parts all operate in the same way. Why is it that when a man dates multiple women, he’s keeping is options open, or thy explain it as something that is a part of their nature? Why is it impossible for it to be within our nature also?

If a women chooses to not get married, then she is either seen as a liar, who doesn’t believe in the white dress, walking down the aisle dream, or she is a lonelily bitter women, or she missed her chance.  Why can’t she just not want to get married, or maybe she doesn’t like commitment, or maybe she just doesn’t want to be intertwined with one person for eternity. Is that so crazy, that in the 21st century, we can make our own sound decisions? Or is it crazy that we have been groomed, as children to be pure, to not be naked in front of others, to be polite to older men, and so may other things which boys and men never have to go through. I’d go with the latter.

Why should i be who you want me to be? Or who the world or society wants me to be? In the 21st century is it so crazy that i could possibly have my own dreams, that transcend what is acceptable or right, or within that little box that you try and put me in. For awhile were seen as rebellious, when we don’t adhere to the rules which people think we should obey, then it slowly slides down the spectrum and people assume your crazy. well if wanting to be my own women, and not set back what so many women before me have fought for then you can say that i am insane, crazy, or that o have lost touch with reality.

If so, then I’m so ready to be out of touch with reality.



Im ready.


Beam me up scotty, I’m ready to be taken away to a better place.


5 thoughts on “”I Need Air”

  1. All good questions. I think things are changing but not fast enough. In the past people were called “Trail-Blazers” who made their own paths and ventured out of the norm (usually men) I think women are stepping out of the sterotypical “molds” we have been put in, because we CAN !! I hope more women decide to do and be who they want and not who someone else wants them to be. I know we have come a very long way over the past.. and I can’t imagine that’s all due to MEN. We definitely need more outspoken, unusual, creative, powerful, strong-minded, determined women out there to keep this world on track.

    Okay, I will get off your soap box now 🙂 great post !


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