Misery Loves Company.

”when your alone, a masquerade of thoughts tremble in the whirlpool thats your mind”                                                                                                                                                                  

Ive always been what people would consider a loner. Don’t think that i don’t enjoy company, sometimes at least and for the most part, i have always had a strong circle of ‘friends.’ Ive always had a pressing feeling that friendship, like love is fleeting. Family is the only thing in life, which we have that we could consider as eternal, yet death breaks something which we see as a everlasting.

”with no purpose and drive, because we’re all alive”                                                             Must we accept, that everything we know to be true, is merely us all walking dumb and blind? Is that we must gather in groups, like a herd of animals, but instead we chit-chat over glasses of wine and other decadent foods, so that we can forget and bury the misery life brings us? Is not becoming someone who is so lost in themselves a bad thing, as we may live with others but we must die alone. Am i a cynic who’s just a lost being with a past torn with broken memories that torment me, who can’t see that beauty life holds within others, or am i spewing a cold hard venomous truth?


Sometimes,  i can’t help but wonder why we pretend everything is ok. Why we just go on with our daily lives and suppress every basic instinct we have. You can tweet your friends, call family, email work colleagues and they won’t sense a thing. Does that mean that they don’t know you that well, or that we don’t ever really show our true selves?

Is our best bet hiding in plain sight?


12 thoughts on “Misery Loves Company.

      1. I deffo do 🙂 It s hard to trust people & to show what s really going on.. I think we will feel it, if there is a person that worth it, that we open ourselfes 🙂


  1. “…hiding in plain sight…” That is such an awesome way to say it – I think most of us try to maintain the facade everything is just great out of plain pride. Also why the ones closes to us usually get the brunt of our negative emotions. Great post, very thought provoking! Thanks


    1. Thank you so much! Just boosted my ego a little bit 😛 i definitely agree that we all put on a bit of a facade sometimes, but maybe it might be that we are just ashamed? Pride does seem like an emotion that is generally seen as a males emotion. Thank you so much! So happy, it was thought provoking..


  2. Hello, Thank you for the ‘like’. You post some very interesting questions here. I am trying to get my thoughts to stream directly from my subconscious..(gut). There is so much more info and savvy available. I do get the feeling that folks are lying sometimes. What is scary is..I don’t think they know it..Peace Tony


    1. Your so welcome! Great blog! Thank you, i can definitely relate to that feeling. All I’ve been ding is researching human behaviour, because at times in the most common situations, it just baffles me. The worst situation is when they don’t know whether they’re lying or hurting someone. how could we be so oblivious? because we choose to? We must definitely become more self aware. Peace and love


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