In 10 minutes a man is going to be put to death. A man most rational beings on this planet believe to be innocent. That man goes by the name of troy davis. He was incarcerated in 1989, for allegedly killing a cop. There was NO DNA evidence to confirm this, eyewitnesses have now recanted statements they have made, others say they were coerced by law enforcement officials into confirming the ID of Davis as the man who killed the cop. Everyone belives there is too much doubt within this circumstantial case for this man who has been imprisoned for the last twenty years to be put to death. Yesterday he was denied clemency after dodging the death penalty three times, and although he brought up a case on habeus corpus, and the fact that the law firm he was being represented by lost almost half its staff, and a lot of money during his trial, Georgia state still refuses to spare this mans life. It makes you wonder how just is the American Justice System? To most of us, at this moment in time, not much. Not much at all. There have been rallys, protests, web based petitions and a large amount of support for Davis by family, friends, fellow workers and the general public, also including a former presidents, former head of the FBI, religious leaders like Desmond Tutu, and involvement from major causes such as the NAACP and Amnesty International. Yet nothing has gotten through to georgia state officials, judges or the DA and nothing even close to the supreme court. So as his time approaches, i hope all of us who are broken and the few who are whole, take this time to reflect on their lives, the good and the bad. Appreciate the best of things in your life, and change the bad. Light a candle, bow your head, and pray for Troy Davis…

Bless his soul


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