‘Made in China’

They’ve all insisted that made in chelsea, is not scripted at all. They’ve all insisted that it is a ‘hard hitting’ REAL reality show. Most normal human beings would beg to differ. Or just beg in some cases. While I can’t say that I didn’t get excited at the prospect of season 2 starting tonight on E4, it always seems to dissapoint. Yet I knew that it would before it even began. So I wonder why I’m so enticed and enthralled when its on? Is it just the notion that its so bad, that it makes it so GOOD? With stunted lines, like it feels like my gucci, touch it. Then mark francis (the fashion nube enemy of francis boulle) saying no, it feels like his prada. Then you have the stern faces exchanged between millie, rosie and the new plastic fantastic on the chelsea block. They look as if they are part of their mothers exclusive and oh so elite societies of ladys who lunch, who put on the happy faces in front of people they despise all in the name of chivelry I’d rather party on my own, than party with the lads and ladys of chelsea. Or is it CHINA?


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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