‘Some kind of blue.’

I still get chills everytime I hear some kind of blue by miles davis and john coltrane. There’s something so dark yet mellow in every fumbling on the piano, and something that relaxes your core when you hear a trill from the brass. Everything about the song explains how I am feeling. What comes to mind first, is the sweet soul that presses the surface that could make even the most heartless sociopath get goosebumps. What comes next is that universal feeling of your whole body coiling into a ball and stretching out like an egyptian cat and feeling at ease. Yet hidden beneath every note, and within every pause is a deep sesne of melancholia. You can hear sadness within the songs everyflowing happiness. That is what I am feeling. Happy yet sad. Pessimistically optimistic. What miles davis did with this song is revolutionary. He made a song that can beat to your drum, at any time of the year, at any season, within every mood. He doesn’t hide it, he doesn’t let it float away. What he did was make it a classic. Making this feeling an everlasting one.


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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