What makes that person ‘the one’ is what I’ve been thinking about all day. Not in the sense of a ‘soulmate’ but a person who you can’t get out of your head, is always around, finishes your sentences and all the other corny cliches? Like the best friend,lover and family that you wouldn’t give up for the world. I think as a teen writing/typing this, I most definately don’t have the perfect formula for any of these scenarios, as at this time we’re all angsty, and aren’t great friends with our parents, and are trying to find our own dependance whilst dealing with the everlasting dramas with friends who we probably won’t even remember in 3 years let alone 10. So what makes that great relationship between people who have differences and have made multiple mistakes and both went through the whole ‘finding’ yourself period, and had a rocky patch? I’d like to hear your thoughts. As that relationship could be you with your mum, you and your partner, you and a friend. So, until further notice, ill just have to carry on being in the dark as to the formula of the perfect relationship.


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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