“A beautiful lie.”

. Before I go off on a very, very large tangent, I’d just like to SCREAM at 30 seconds to mars for not coming to london but going to france about 80 times. Honestly, how many bloody french people can there be. WE NEED YOU MORE. Ok, now that my mini,mini rant is over I can get back to telling you how this song called a beautiful lie and another song called kings and queens have been s-s-s-tuck in my head. Although that definately isn’t a bad thing my friends, staring into the cocky letos eyes standing in snow, a drop of blood falls, and some very,very tight leather outfits makes the mind GO WILD. So when many fans saw the tweet posted by gregg james asking for ‘the most ridiculous 30 seconds to mars line’, or something or other with that tone, you can imagine there weren’t a lot of happy campers my friends. Then I thought, wait (slightly bad timing for an epiphany here, but hey what you gonna do) are we all, so encapsulated by this one ‘tortured’ souls eyes that we could miss ‘ridiculous’ lyrics, I then went onto slap myself for that thought. So I’m guessing you can get what conclusion I came to. So in DAMN CONCLUSION, gregg james please shut the fuck up and let us emmerse ourselves in the ultimate sexgasms every male/female recieves when playing a 30 seconds to mars song okays. THANKYOU.


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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