‘the turmoil within the life of a so called broken teen’

After having a beautiful weekend, filled with laughs,drinks and barbequeing and great friends (honestly the best weekend I’ve had in a while), you’d think that I’d be starting the new week of on a positive note. However, with a very small amount of caffeine to keep me mellow, or nicotine to satisfy my cravings, my 6am wake up call was not so pleasant. As you can most probably imagine. The weather was so dull, and we were most definately getting the leftovers of hurrican katia, so I wasn’t really feeling myself. Yet I fucking skipped off with my neon (yes, I said NEON) purple hair into the darkness off to start another fun filled year of learning. Oh joy. Then something slightly powerful and ever oh so hot came to mind, that automatically made me feel like I was having some sexual interlude down an alley in new york city on a night out, and that force was MADONNA. The woman is a beast which can turn around any mood, even the hardest and most tempremental of them, that of the angsty teenager. She can make you feel like you own the world whilst making you an emotional wreck all at the same time, of course an emotional wreck with out there yet oh so fabulous fashion sense. So I wonder after all these years, as to how this women has trancended through space,time and multiple controversies and weeded her way into being able to tap into our weirdest and deepest emotions. MADONNAISALUTEYOU.


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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