The pain of the needle makes me feel alive…

I had this weirdly exhilarating experiance the other day. I was with some friends at a tattoo parlour and they were getting hot off of someone getting a tattoo. I dont know if i’m the only one who found this weird but it seemed to be normal and expected. Its a given that the tattoo was beyond amazing, but that made me think what gets peoples hearts pumping? You know when your heart races and your palms start to sweat and you mumble and all the other perhaps sexual things start to occur. For some it’s the walking on a beach with your loved one scene in a movie that really gets them going, or a diva von teese-esque strip tease…  The thought of a needle piercing ‘flesh’ with ink swells swirling and sticking to the skin has always been an appealing thought to me before the sudden media craze and so it was to a many a rockstars. Can you think of any rockstars who didnt have tattoos? So what makes your pulse race? and what would you find weird if it did? This for one was a very interestingly hot experiance…                                                                                                                                   Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Beat The Devils Tattoo


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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