‘Papa dont preach.’

Oh the glory that is madonna. There has always been something that has set her apart from the rest of the artists across the musical spectrum. There are many who debate as to weather it was her provocative style within an era considered to be quite wholesome, or he slow deep rustic voice, or her plain disregard for rules that sets her apart from the artists of her time and the artists of our time. Personally, I think it’s always been her personality that has had me intrigued since I was introduced to her as a kid. Her ability to pick songs which are brash yet mellow, with underlaying meanings always astounded me as a kid, and as someone who is not an avid pop litsener and doesn’t usually like the whole demographic, she’s always been that genres shining beacon of hope. This song sets a tone of nostalgia with me, and as someone who wasn’t even born when this came out, it becomes a weird feeling to have, but it takes me back. Takes me back to the years of crazy permed hair, leather jackets, stockings and socks worn together, bomber jackets, ladels of jewellry and one crazy crazy women. Madonna.


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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