Kristy, are you doing okay?

So,I haven’t been in the best of moods lately and i was going to write quite a depressing post but i couldn’t write what i wanted to for some reason. I think I’ll put that down to writers block, but in the midst of that dark grey area where i stood alone, came The Offspring back into my life. A sprig of luck and the shuffle on my Itunes led me back into my moody yet upbeat drum bellowing ways that fully describe the beauty of this band. I have forever loved this band since they landed on the scene with Ignition and even though that wasnt their first album, there was something about them that made me feel like there was a light at the end of this dreary and dark tunnel.  There was something about them, the laid back yet strikingly intense way they wrote their lyrics, the bashing of  their instruments until they reach a seemingly sultry melodic region of bliss, where you could become unconscious yet still feel.

Whatever it is about them, I’m sure they’re new album will continue to embrace hearts yet garner on the sweaty angst that has brought a generation through their toughest times. Including me.

Your gonna go far, Kid.

Your Gonna Go Far, Kid. 

Kristy, are you doing okay?


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