Viva La Boombox!

Hip- Hoppers can now rejoice.  I Know i am.  As this huge gust of fresh air has graced my world.  She goes by the name of Nitty Scott Mc and whether she knows it or not shes set to change the force of the waves that have kept our culture in a rut for some time. It might not be as head on as Nas’s album, Hip Hop Is Dead, but her prescence is sure to have as big an impact, even  if only with time. This twenty year old woman is a force to be reckoned stating that she doesn’t like ‘a vagina with a mic’ and that she is about enriching the minds and souls of the youth, the elderly, and everyone who feels this immense sense of nostalgia when they litsen to her freestyles.  As she states herself she was born in Michigan, made in florida and paid in New york. This young woman exudes knowledge, acceptance and is in touch with the political and social ‘conciousness’ that started off the hip-hop movement which led it to be the culture that became the voice of the opressed and neglected. However, you can NOT count her out as just another female emcee, this is not about gender, she is paying all her dues and earning all her stripes. Her lyrical tongue twisting collisons are a force to be reckoned and praise the lord for that. She is most definately a one woman show, pulling all the stops out to get her message heard, (as she states MC lyte and Lauryn hill to be some of her major influences as a child and now), while filling us with old school beats, with her fresh faced positivity. This lady has the hunger and fire of a new yorker and that ain’t something y’all wanna mess with.

Viva La Boombox!


Follow her On Twitter: @NittyScottMc

If you want to book her, get at her manager here:

Her website is: and you can download all her music from there, and soon you’ll be able to download the Boombox diaries Vol.1.

Much Love and I’m Out.



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