Distant Relatives Tour

Yesterday, On the 31st March 2011, Nas, Damien Marley and Eykah Badu touched down and tore up wembly stadium. As anticipated Nas tore it up, performing classic hits like ‘Made you look,Hate me Now.’ and finished the whole set performing One Mic, with african drums. It was a beautiful thing though, even though the intermissions where quite long in between opening acts. Erykah Badu was one of the opening acts and she was insane. her vocal range is OUT OF THIS DAMN WORLD. so, little side not all of you rihanna fans who think thats r&b/soul. GO RIGHT NOW AND GOOGLE ERYKAH BADU’S LIVE PERFORMANCES. thats music. anyways back to the point her set was arranged well, it was some soul-techno infusion which was interesting, but at the end of the day it was her vocals and personality that got people, mostly ‘dubstep fiends’, to get her and get down with her. Then came the DJ intermission and wembly was aBLAZE. literally. there was so much weed up in their you might have thought we were fucking growing it up in their and lighting that shit all at once. Then when Nas and damien came out, he was like do yall love weed. LOOOOL. their combined set was fly too as they performed ‘Africa,wake up. As we Enter and several other songs from distant relatives.’ Then damien did his little set where he performed famous Bob marley songs. At the end of the night, it was crazy. It was more like a dirty rave, everyone left high, out of their fucking minds and sweaty. it’s a beautiful thing ain’t it.


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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