‘We started a groove & here we are, kicking it just for you’

Anyone, who knows & litsens to r&b/neo-soul have to know where those lyrics come from- its my go to song; without it i might not be able to get through the day. ok,ok for those of you who don’t know, the lyrics are from (MOTOWN PHILLY-Boyz II Men). <—- seriously go& YOUTUBE that right now, well after you read this šŸ˜› I’m also pretty sure that almost every person in the world has heard of boyz II Men, especially if youve got some form of technology. They are mos def one of the most iconic groups to ever enter into the r&b/neo-soul/hip hop genre. whilst most people know them for the inhumainly huge hit- End Of the Road, which was the ultimate love song for the ladies, a lot of people forget about this song which captured the sound, the essence and the feeling. You know what that is. It was everything that defined the 80’s&90’s in one song. the raw split beat, the harmonys, the slight break into a little rap, and small solos for each guy where they take soft soulful trills to a new level. Its that song that when it comes on it puts everyone in a good place and thats what its all about. I mean, their first ever single to reach number 1Ā  On billboard -which was End of the road, beat a decades old record for how long a single stayed on the charts and after the beatles and elvis, boyz II men became the third artist to replace themselves at number one, which says something about them.Ā  They are definately one of the best groups ever, and even if you think that you don’t like r&b, your probably wrong. this isn’t the commercia crap that is actually pop. sit back, litsen and fucking enjoy bitch šŸ™‚


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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