what goes around,comes around…

i am so sick and tired of being sick and tired.. seriously.  have you ever felt like its just the end ‘such an exaggeration when you look at whats happening in japan, god bless them’ but thats how everything feels and how i feel. its not so fucking great. ive had a couple of shitty weeks lately and although my lovely optimism has worn off, it was inevitable. As the weeks seem to just be on a loop, going round& round. and i am currently litsening to JT now and, realize that this album is actually seriously depressing. i just miss everything, how things were, the happiness, the carelessness. now everything has to mean something, everyone insecure & paraoid and that cna rub off onto other FUCKING PEOPLE. and now thank you kelly clarkson and my december for telling me its over. its just that thing, when you know it is and you know that it should be and you need it to be but you dont want it to be. all your hopes and beliefs crushed, beaten and gone.  and then superchick comes on and slightly lifts a load off. i have french in ten minutes which i am so fucking happy about obvs. i tried doing the homework but ended up doing this. smart,right? ive got tons of work to do, loads of history revision, streecar named desire and othello & kite runner analysis and revision, french grammar bull, vocab, all the work she fucking gives us, litsening excersises and speech for the oral exam, then LOOOOOOADDDDS of philosophy work which i am currently drowning in, yay ! its way to complex and long for a monday morning, without ANY COFFEE OR ENERGY DRINKSSS. i wanted to go and do loads of work for my ‘in the works filmogrophy stuff’ but thats not gonna happen with all thats going on. oh&alex if you read this i’m really sorry that i didnt reply to your fb message i could see it in my hotmail then my internet fucked up, yeahhh. and we all know the no phone situation, 3 months ongoing. its a great life, aint it. wow; im looking forward to the rest of the week. guess its time to get to french, fucking great.


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