Egyptian Revolution. Or Tyrants Transformation .. ?

So as i’m sure anyone who owns a tv or a computer, has seen, there has been a recent uprising in Egypt. The president refuses, to step down, as he says and i quote ‘ there will be complete havoc and chaos.’ So if thats what will happen when he steps down, then wtf is happening now? Theres chaos because of the fact that he’s kept Egypt within his grasp for almost 32 years.  Could this be the start of a cultural revolution, world powers ask. I hope so, is what i say. Is it right that, people are dying because of military forces being put in place to ‘control the issue’  which in reality, means that the order came from the president.  Yet he claims that he wants peace. As that’s ONLY where the order could  come from. Theres also been talks with the Muslim brotherhood and the vice president, as he’s been left to deal with Mubaraks mess as he hasn’t been seen in days. The talks with the Muslim Brotherhood, has ignited curiosity and fear within the hearts of certain ‘democrats’ that believe that Egypt being under control of  the muslim brotherhood, would be much worse than the current state in which Egypt lies. Or is this a smaller, korea? Where certain countries have their own agendas and don’t care about helping the people , and is Islam is mordern day communism ?


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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