Jewish state or a state of Jews?

So ive been reading politics and history, to get ready for some major revision, that NEEDS to be done. When i came across this question.  Ithought to myself, what do i personally feel about this statement, as of being of the muslim faith and a person with strong moral standings, i came to the conclusion that israel/palestine is a state of jews. Let me enlighten you on how i came to this conclusion. Jews see themselves as a ‘race‘ and NOT as a religion, this is the general consensus, mainly piloted by strict orthodox jews. They claim that palestine is the land of the jews, that it had been seized from beneath them, and they are rightfully taking it back. However the main aspect that made me come to my conclusion, is that by them ‘claiming’ back their homeland, they in turn have done something illegal. Noone wants to interfere with this as, of course the good ‘Ol Americans are behind them. To me it seems like as there has been no real political intervention with the palestinian/Israeli  conflict , Palestine is a  little present to them, wrapped up in a red bow, saying ‘were really sorry for the pain that was caused, so here have this.’ Idont disagree that there ancestors suffered immense pain within the hitler reign, but as to whether the world is anti-semitic now, thats almost ridiculous. whats even more outrageous is that this is the reason they claim for re-grasping Israel. So that jews can live without fear, in a region where there is no anti-semitism and practice their faith and culture happily. My final thought was that, if jews can live happily, and without pain and suffering being induced on them because of who they are and what religion they choose to follow, then why can’t the palestinians.


Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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