Whats good WORLD.

Im chennile, and i’ll be blogging at you from a place they call LONDON TOWN.  ill be hitting you with my thoughts, on mostly music, but fashion,religion, politics, lifes trials and tribulations  and the BIG ONE, love and all the issues that come with it.  It’ll be my personal outlet to love or DESPISE something. As im NEVER one to hold back on what i think. i’ve decided that im fully going to dedicate myself to my blog and make it as interesting and fly as i possibly can. ive only ever posted one other ‘article’ and i only re-edited it yesterday, im just trying to get the hang of customising it and making as personal as possible, so i can be proud of it, and ive always wanted to be a cool blogger. 😉 LOL, okay so i must sound like a complete TWAT right now, but hey. im currently trying to acquire tongs as my hair is in need of some curling, but ive never really done it before so it should be interesting. im hoping that i wont look to much like a rihanna replica as my friends keep saying that i look like her, but ive had red hair longer than her, so HAHA rihanna, LOL and im brown. those are the only to resemblances hopefully. im going to go and try and figure out if i can put pictures up on here now, so ADIOS. ill be back. mwahahahah.



Let Me Know What You Think, Hellions!

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