Kanye west.

Are people still going on about the fact that kanye west interrupted taylor-swifts acceptance speech. Not to be crude but who gives a fuck. i think that when it comes down to  it,  you have to think as to whether he did it on purpose. i dont think so. hip- hop is about saying what you feel, and voicing your views and if you cant do that anymore then wf is going to happen ? Are we all going to turn into lil wayne and soulja boy-bots. Ithink she should have tougher skin working in this particular industry, knowing that it isnt all plain sailing. l: More than that it was thoroughly entertaining and thats one aspect that you CANNOT disagree with. he paid his dues and apologised, so should it matter. Personally i agree with him, her video was very weak creatively and DON’T get me started on the song. Beyonce should have one, her video was ICONIC. That coming from someone who isnt a big fan of beyonce. however, i do think all of these ‘award ceremonys’ are a SHAMBLES. to say the least. its mindnumbing watching talentless ireverants win awards they dont deserve especially when talking about music award shows, and hip hop award shows. where are the up and coming artists, or the artists that refuse to be gaga and nicki minaj replicas.




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