5 reasons self love is kicking you in the ass – and fucking with your identity.

            5 reasons self-love is kicking you in the ass – and fucking with your identity   1.  You are in your own damn head – – criticising, lamenting – and fucking  pissed at every thought, action and perceived mistake you’ve ever made. Self-love? Pfft – fuck that, I deserve every […]


Those are the words of a mass murderer and the thoughts of so many. We live In a world where we are told that we have the right to our thoughts, whatever they may be. We have the right to speak truly and freely. Those are privileged statements that don’t reflect many the realities that […]

Old Friend. New Ideas. Endless Journey.

Hey there, old friends.  I have missed you all. It has been so long since i have posted on here that i think i may have forgotten how to do it. Yet, i haven’t forgotten how it feels. I started this blog mainly to vent and to use it as an open portal journal. I […]